5 Best Velcro Shoes For Elderly Women!


As the parents grew older, the term “shoes for the elderly” became a familiar term in our family.

Choosing the right shoes for seniors shouldn’t just be about fashion or style.

They experience changes in their feet, such as decreased mobility, arch support needs, or foot disorders such as arthritis.

As far as I know, Velcro shoes are wildly popular in parent circles.

Because of its convenience, the elderly no longer have to bend down to tie shoelaces or buttons.

Comfort is another important aspect of shoes for seniors.

They no longer have to rely on others to put on and take off

Next, we’ll explore the specific benefits of Velcro shoes and highlight 5 of the best in my opinion。

If you don’t know the basics of choosing shoes, I recommend you read this article

How to choose a pair of high-quality elderly shoes ?

Gmedonm Women’s Wide Shoes with Adjustable Lightweight

$58.98 – $59.99


1. Accommodates Hammer Toes: The shoe’s wide fit accommodates the issue of hammer toes, providing a comfortable and safe solution.

2. Easy to Put On and Take Off: The shoes feature a design that makes them easy to slip on and off, ideal for elderly individuals who may have difficulty with traditional laces or fasteners.

3. Comfortable for Swollen Feet: The shoes are suitable for individuals with feet that tend to retain water and swell. They provide a comfortable fit even when experiencing swelling.

4. Stylish Design: Despite their practical features, the shoes maintain a stylish appearance, combining functionality with fashion.

5. Ideal for All-Day Wear: The shoes offer the necessary comfort and support for all-day wear, addressing the challenge of finding suitable footwear for prolonged use.

6.There may be some problems such as improper size and smell, but relatively speaking, there are very few consumers who report these problems. After all, there are thousands of people and thousands of feet.

In summary, these shoes provide an excellent solution for individuals with hammer toes, swollen feet, and the need for comfortable, easy-to-wear footwear. They offer both functionality and style, making them highly recommended for elderly individuals seeking comfortable and safe shoes.


Avia Avi-Union II Strap Non Slip

Main Feature

  • Slip Resistant Work Shoes for Women – Enhanced grip, non-marking rubber soles. Ideal for professionals on their feet all day.
  • Comfortable and Lightweight – Perfect for long hours of standing and walking. Great for work and travel.
  • Removable Memory Foam Sock Liner – Pressure point relief for a personalized fit.
  • Supportive and Durable – Shock absorption and cushioning for stability and comfort.
  • Easy and Secure Closure – Adjustable hook and loop closure for convenience and accessibility.


  • 1. Anti-slip: Anti-slip sole provides better friction on slippery floors.
  • 2. Convenient and easy to use: Velcro closure makes it easier for people with arthritis or mobility issues to put on and take off the shoes.
  • 3. Excellent quality: Despite one minor issue with the sole separating, customers appreciated the overall quality and sturdiness of the shoe.
  • 4. Limited Availability: Some customers expressed frustration with the difficulty of finding shoes marketed for seniors or wheelchair users, emphasizing the need for more accessible options.

Overall, these reviews emphasize the shoe’s positive impact on personal mobility and daily life, with little regard for its durability.


Indoor & Outdoor :Women’s Easy Closure Open Toed Sandals for Seniors

Main Feature

1.Easy Access Footwear: Designed for seniors with limited mobility, the adjustable Easy Touch closure allows for easy on and off, making them suitable for self-dressing. Ideal for wheelchair-bound seniors or older individuals.2. Diabetic-Friendly Fit: These sneakers prioritize comfort with a soft wedge heel, VELCRO adjustable strap, cushioned insoles, and extra wide fit, making them popular as diabetic slippers for women.3. Fluid Barrier Advantage: Equipped with a fluid barrier, these shoes protect against spills and odors, recommended for aging individuals dealing with incontinence and diabetic neuropathy.4. No-Slip Technology: The slip-resistant soles provide stability and safety for indoor and outdoor use, making them suitable as swollen feet shoes, diabetic shoes for women wide width, or shoes for edema.5. Conforms to Your Foot: The wide width, slip-resistant soles, and adjustable comfort make these sneakers suitable for various foot conditions like swollen ankles, wide feet, and edema.6. Size and Color Options: Available in sizes 5 to 12, these shoes offer a wide fit and stability. Choose from Natural, Black, and Rose Petal colors.7. Giving Back to Charity: A portion of the proceeds supports the Alzheimer Society of Canada, contributing to dementia research and improving the quality of life for those affected.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

– Suitable for seniors with limited mobility or specific needs- Perfect for individuals in wheelchairs or those who need assistance with self-dressing- Recommended for diabetic individuals seeking comfortable and cushioned footwear- Beneficial for aging individuals dealing with incontinence or diabetic neuropathy- Provides stability and slip resistance for indoor and outdoor use- Suitable for individuals with swollen feet, wide feet, or edema- Offers width and stability for those with foot conditions– Supports charity and contributes to dementia research.

Reviews Summarize

Satisfactory evaluation

1. Adjustable function: This shoe can relieve toe pain and swelling.2. Comfort for swollen feet: For people with swollen feet, arthritis and neuropathy, these shoes are very comfortable, providing support and a sense of enveloping.3. Ultra-Convenient Velcro and Large Size: The wide size and easy-to-use Velcro closure make the shoe perfect for seniors with swollen feet4. Support and High Quality: The shoe offers plenty of support and has been praised for its high-quality construction.

Areas for improvement

1. Sizing Accuracy: Some customers find the size is larger than expected (after all, there are fewer such reviews). Ensuring accurate sizing information or providing clearer sizing guidelines can resolve this issue.2. Difficulty cleaning: A customer reported that the shoes were difficult to clean, mentioning that the fabric and rubber soles tend to attract and retain dirt and grime. Improving the design or providing cleaning instructions can help with this.3. Slip resistance: Despite being advertised as non-slip, one customer mentioned that the shoe did not provide enough grip, causing slippage and stability issues (but this is a rare occurrence). Overall, customers were satisfied with the comfort, adjustability and support the shoes provided. However, dimensional accuracy, ease of cleaning and slip resistance could perhaps be slightly improved.


Adjustable Velcro Wide Shoes for Swollen Feet – Unisex Size 5-14

Main Feature

  • Adjustable Velcro Wide Slippers
  • Washable & Warm
  • Diabetic-Friendly
  • Removable Memory Foam Insoles
  • Non-Slip Rubber Sole
  • Suitable for All Seasons

Ideal Usage Scenarios

Diabetic,patients, obesity, people in wheelchairs, arthritis, geriatric, maternity. Used in nursing home, house, bedroon, office, hospital, inside, outside, garden. 

Reviews Summarize

Satisfactory evaluation
  • Multifunctional and Adjustable: Suitable for Air Cast, it can be easily adjusted according to different needs.
  • Wool Blend: Provides warmth and comfort.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Use: The non-slip sole makes it suitable for various surfaces.
  • Easy to put on and take off: The tri-fold design allows the shoe to be fully opened, making it easy to put on.
  • Breathable and Sweat Resistant: Warm style is breathable and sweat resistant.
  • Thick Sock Adjustable: Adjustable at the heel and front opening to accommodate thicker socks.
Areas for improvement
  • Sizing issues: Be cautious with sizing, as it may run small. Consider ordering larger sizes.
  • Return inconvenience: Returning the item involves additional costs and may be challenging if it was shipped from China.


Adjustable Diabetic House Slippers for Swollen Feet – Extra Wide Fit

Main Feature

1. Extra Wide Design: This slipper is specially designed for people with swollen and sensitive feet.2. Adjustable Hook and Loop Closure: Adjustable closure allows for a custom fit, ensuring comfort for every foot shape.3. Non-slip Rubber Sole: The rubber sole with non-slip texture provides excellent grip and prevents slipping.4. COMFORT & SUPPORT: Features a smooth and soft comfort lining, extra deep design, and wide toe box to provide relief from common foot conditions such as arthritis, edema, and plantar fasciitis.5.Diabetics: Especially suitable for diabetics, providing comfort, support and relief for their specific needs.

Ideal Usage Scenarios

Comfortable and Adjustable Diabetic Slippers for Home, Nursing Homes, Offices, Hospitals, and Outdoor 

Reviews Summarize

Satisfactory evaluation
  • Comfortable and Stylish Wide Width Shoes with a Wide Toe Box and Perfect Length
  • Provides ample width and toe space for a comfortable fit
  • Suitable for individuals with wider feet or those who require extra width
  • Stylish design that looks great
  • Offers a variety of sizes, including larger sizes for both men and women
Areas for improvement

This shoe currently has a small number of evaluations, and there is a lack of negative evaluation samples. But I bought them for my grandmother, who is 76 years old and in good shape, and this pair of shoes deserves my praise.


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